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Ask Rosner’s: Gas vs. Electric Range

Monday, December 9th, 2013
With so many options on the marketplace today, choosing a range for your kitchen can almost be overwhelming. Before you start diving into models and specs, you should first answer the fundamental question … Gas or Electric? Your answer to this question will depend on a variety of things, but in order to guide your decision here are some quick facts from Rosner’s:

  • Initial Cost: Electric ranges are generally more affordable than gas ranges. If you’re remodeling your existing home, it’s also important to consider how your kitchen is set up. Adding a gas line to an existing property can become quite expensive.

  • Operating Cost: Because natural gas is so inexpensive, gas ranges are typically less expensive to operate when compared to electric ranges.

  • Safety: With an exposed flame and an increased potential for gas leaks, gas ranges are generally considered more dangerous than electric ranges.

  • Speed: In addition to warming the bottom of a pan, the flame from a gas range also heats the sides, allowing you to cook food more quickly.

  • Cleaning: With smoother, flat surfaces electric ranges are easier to clean than gas ranges which require you to clean a variety of components in the case of a spill.

  • Flexibility: Gas ranges allow you to make temperature modifications rapidly and even leave food on the burner when you are done cooking. Electric ranges take longer to cool and are therefore, less flexible.

As you can see both electric and gas ranges have their pros and cons. At the end of the day, both ovens will get the job done, so we encourage you to consider your lifestyle and which factors are more important to you. For more information swing by the Rosner’s showroom in West Palm Beach, or give us a call.

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